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A fun and safe environment for our youth to thrive.

Teens are amazing! They are full of energy, hopes, and dreams.

Yet, they face many different challenges. Some are new challenges other generations have not had. 

Our heart is that each youth establish their own relationships with the Lord and support them to spiritual growth and maturity. This is done by forming a Biblical world perspective that will serve them as they navigate many obstacles and choices.


Let's not forget the fun though. Youth need to see that serving and loving the Lord is fun. We make sure we have a great time through fellowshipping, playing games, attending events, and serving together. 



Join us Weekly!


Dinner           6:00 pm
Service          6:45 pm


Meeting Venue

26189 Westheimer Pkwy
Katy, TX 77494

Telephone & E-mail

[281] 395-5433

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For more information, please contact us below.

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